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Ukulele Reviews

5 Best Capos for Ukulele in 2021

Although a capo is not something you must require for playing your [...]

Ukulele Reviews

Best Tenor Ukulele under $200

 Tenor is a very well accepted and admired size among the ukulele [...]

Ukulele Reviews

Best Snark Tuner in 2021

Whether you are a ukulele player or a guitar learner, a tuner [...]

Ukulele Reviews

Best Ukulele Songbook

Did you just check out your first ukulele from your shopping cart? [...]

Ukulele Reviews

Snail Ukulele Review

Snail Ukulele Review Introduction Do you keep adding and removing ukuleles on [...]

Ukulele Reviews

Best Solid Body Electric Ukulele

Best Solid Body Electric UkuleleIntroductionAre you trying to step up your ukulele [...]

Latest Ukulele Tips

Ukulele Tips

Alvarez Ukulele Review

To make quality ukes affordable to the mass, Alvarez has launched its [...]

Ukulele Tips

Mainland Ukulele Review

Among various top-rated ukulele brands, Mainland is underrated and unnoticeable by the [...]

Ukulele Tips

Easy Baritone Ukulele Songs

Baritone ukuleles are in a league of its own. Baritone ukulele is [...]

Ukulele Tips

How to Play Baritone Ukulele

Introduction Ukulele is a fairly popular musical instrument; it is the favorite [...]

Ukulele Tips

How to Play Dm on Ukulele

The way music works is up to you in how you can [...]

Ukulele Tips

How To Identity Current Key On Ukulele

When studying music theory or if you have been playing any instrument [...]