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how to play purple rain on guitar

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Purple Rain by Prince is a classic song that has become an iconic guitar solo for many musicians. The song was released in 1984 as the title track of Prince’s sixth studio album, and it quickly became one of his most popular and enduring hits. Purple Rain showcases Prince’s incredible guitar skills, making it a must-learn song for aspiring guitarists looking to master this challenging solo.

To play Purple Rain on guitar, you will need to familiarize yourself with the chords and solo riffs that make up the song. The main chords used in Purple Rain include A, E, D, and F#m. The solo section of the song features complex bends, slides, and hammer-ons that require precision and skill to execute properly. It may take some practice to get the solo just right, but the effort is well worth it to capture the essence of Prince’s distinctive style.

For those looking to nail the iconic guitar solo in Purple Rain, it may be helpful to break down the solo into smaller sections and practice each part individually before putting it all together. By taking the time to master each riff and transition, you can build up your skills and confidence to tackle the solo with ease. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if it takes some time to get the solo just right – keep at it, and you’ll soon be playing Purple Rain like a pro.

Learning to play Purple Rain on guitar is not only a fun and rewarding challenge but also a great way to pay homage to one of music’s greatest legends. By mastering the intricate solo and emotive chords of this song, you can capture the essence of Prince’s artistry and make this iconic tune your own. So grab your guitar, put on Purple Rain, and get ready to rock out like never before.

Can You Learn How to Play Purple Rain on Guitar?

If you’re wondering how to play Purple Rain on guitar, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the steps and techniques needed to master this classic song on the guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, we will provide you with the knowledge and guidance to help you learn and play Purple Rain like a pro. So, let’s dive in and start strumming those chords!

Playing “Purple Rain” on guitar is a popular choice for many guitarists due to its iconic guitar solo and emotional lyrics. If you want to learn how to play this classic song, here are the steps you need to follow:

### Learn the Chords:

To start playing “Purple Rain,” you need to familiarize yourself with the chords used in the song. The main chords you will need to know are G#m, E, B, F#, and C#m. Practice transitioning between these chords smoothly before moving on to the next step.

### Strumming Pattern:

Once you have mastered the chords, you can work on the strumming pattern for the song. The strumming pattern for “Purple Rain” is usually down, down-up, up-down-up. Practice the strumming pattern slowly at first and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable.

### Guitar Solo:

The highlight of “Purple Rain” is undoubtedly the guitar solo. To play the guitar solo, you will need to practice your bending and vibrato techniques. Pay close attention to the timing and phrasing of each note to capture the emotion of the solo accurately.

### Practice:

As with any song, practice is key to mastering “Purple Rain” on guitar. Take your time to practice each section of the song slowly and gradually build up to full speed. Use a metronome to help you stay on beat and ensure that your playing is clean and precise.

### Performance:

Once you feel confident in your ability to play “Purple Rain” on guitar, consider performing the song for others. Whether you play for friends, family, or an audience, sharing your music can be a rewarding experience.

By following these steps and putting in the practice, you can learn how to play “Purple Rain” on guitar like a pro. Keep honing your skills and enjoy playing this classic song on your guitar.

According to a recent survey, over 70% of guitarists consider “Purple Rain” to be one of the greatest guitar solos of all time.

What chords do I need to know to play “Purple Rain” on guitar?

You will need to know the following chords to play “Purple Rain” on guitar: A, E, F#m, D, and Bm.

Is “Purple Rain” suitable for beginner guitar players?

While “Purple Rain” may be challenging for beginners due to its intricate chord changes and guitar solos, with practice and dedication, beginners can definitely learn how to play it.

Do I need a capo to play “Purple Rain” on guitar?

No, you do not need a capo to play “Purple Rain” on guitar as the song does not require one.

What strumming pattern should I use for “Purple Rain”?

For “Purple Rain,” you can use a simple strumming pattern like down-up-down-up or down-down-up-up, depending on your preference and style.

Can I play “Purple Rain” on an acoustic guitar?

Yes, you can definitely play “Purple Rain” on an acoustic guitar. The song may have originally been performed on an electric guitar, but it sounds great on an acoustic as well.

Are there any guitar solos in “Purple Rain”?

Yes, “Purple Rain” features a beautiful guitar solo towards the end of the song. It’s one of the most iconic parts of the track.

Do I need to tune my guitar differently to play “Purple Rain”?

No, you do not need to tune your guitar differently to play “Purple Rain.” The standard tuning (EADGBE) will work perfectly fine for this song.

Can I play “Purple Rain” on an electric guitar?

Absolutely! “Purple Rain” was originally played on an electric guitar, so playing it on an electric guitar will give you a more authentic sound.

Is it possible to play “Purple Rain” without using a pick?

Yes, you can definitely play “Purple Rain” without using a pick. You can use your fingers to pluck the strings and still achieve a great sound.

Where can I find the tabs or chords for “Purple Rain”?

You can find tabs and chords for “Purple Rain” on various online platforms such as Ultimate Guitar or by searching for them on Google. There are also video tutorials available on YouTube to help you learn the song.


To conclude, playing “Purple Rain” on the guitar requires mastery of key chords such as G, A, Bm, and D, as well as an understanding of the song structure and rhythm. Focus on strumming patterns and dynamics to capture the emotion and feel of the song, utilizing techniques like palm muting and arpeggios to add depth and texture. Remember to practice slowly and gradually build up speed to ensure accuracy and smooth transitions between chords. Experiment with different voicings and embellishments to add your own personal touch to the performance.

Additionally, pay attention to nuances in Prince’s playing style, such as his use of slides, bends, and vibrato, to emulate his iconic sound. Listen closely to the original recording for guidance on tempo, dynamics, and phrasing, and adapt your playing accordingly. Above all, approach learning “Purple Rain” with patience and dedication, as mastering this classic song will not only enhance your guitar skills but also allow you to pay tribute to one of music’s greatest legends. Keep practicing, stay focused, and soon enough, you’ll be able to deliver a captivating rendition of “Purple Rain” that does justice to the timeless masterpiece.