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Ukulele with cutaway review

Ukulele with cutaway review
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If you’re in the market for a new ukulele, you’ve likely come across many different options, including those with a cutaway design. Cutaway ukuleles are specifically designed to allow easier access to the higher frets, making them a popular choice for players who want to explore more advanced techniques and melodies. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the features, playability, and overall value of the Ukulele with cutaway, to help you make an informed decision about whether this instrument is the right choice for you.

The Ukulele with cutaway is a sleek and modern take on the traditional uke, with a smooth cutaway design that allows for effortless playability all the way up the neck. This makes it perfect for players who want to try out more complex chords and melodies without feeling restricted by the body of the instrument. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a comfortable and easy-to-play uke, or an experienced player wanting to expand your musical horizons, the Ukulele with cutaway might just be the perfect choice for you. Join us as we dive into the details of this unique instrument and discover if it lives up to the hype for ukulele players of all levels.


The function of a ukulele with cutaway is to provide players with easy access to the higher frets, allowing for more versatility in playing. This design allows for smoother transitions between lower and higher notes, making it ideal for musicians who want to explore different playing styles and techniques. The cutaway also adds a distinctive look to the ukulele, making it a popular choice for performers who want an instrument that stands out on stage.


Ukuleles with cutaways are commonly used by musicians who play a wide range of musical genres, from traditional Hawaiian music to contemporary pop and rock. The easy access to higher frets makes it suitable for advanced players who want to experiment with complex chord progressions and melodies. Additionally, the cutaway design makes it easier for performers to play solos and lead parts, adding a dynamic element to their live performances.


The design of a ukulele with cutaway typically features a rounded or angular indentation on the upper bout of the instrument, allowing the player’s hand to reach the higher frets with ease. This design element is often complemented by decorative inlays, binding, and other aesthetic enhancements that make the ukulele with cutaway a visually stunning instrument.

Build Quality

The build quality of a ukulele with cutaway is crucial to its overall performance and durability. High-quality tonewoods, such as mahogany, koa, or spruce, are commonly used to construct the body of the ukulele, while the neck and fingerboard are crafted from materials like mahogany, rosewood, or ebony. The cutaway itself must be seamlessly integrated into the body of the ukulele, ensuring a smooth and comfortable playing experience for the musician.

Primary Features

In addition to the cutaway design, ukuleles with cutaways often come equipped with other features that enhance their playability and sound. Some models may feature built-in electronics for amplified performance, while others may have special bracing patterns or bridge designs that contribute to their unique tonal characteristics. The scale length, nut width, and overall size and shape also play a role in defining the primary features of a ukulele with cutaway.

Recommended Ukulele with cutaway review

The cutaway design provides easier access to higher frets, allowing for more versatility in playing styles.
The Ukulele with cutaway is perfect for players who perform solos or play more complex melodies.
The cutaway design adds a modern and stylish look to the traditional Ukulele, making it stand out visually.
Improved playability and comfort are achieved with the cutaway design, enhancing the user experience.
The cutaway design may slightly affect the overall sound and tone of the Ukulele.
Traditionalists may view the cutaway design as a departure from the classic Ukulele look and feel.
The cutaway design can make the Ukulele more expensive compared to non-cutaway models.
Some players may find it challenging to adjust to the different feel and balance of a Ukulele with a cutaway.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Ukulele with Cutaway

When looking to buy a ukulele with cutaway, there are several factors to consider in order to make an informed purchase decision. From the type of wood used to the size and shape of the instrument, it’s essential to carefully evaluate each aspect to ensure you get the right ukulele for your needs.

Wood Type

The type of wood used in the construction of a ukulele can greatly impact its sound and overall quality. Different woods produce different tones, so it’s important to consider what kind of sound you are looking for. Common ukulele woods include mahogany, koa, spruce, and cedar. Mahogany is known for its warm and balanced sound, while koa offers a bright and rich tone. Spruce and cedar are often used for their resonance and clarity. Consider your preferred sound and do some research on the types of wood before making your decision.

Size and Shape

Ukuleles come in various sizes and shapes, including the standard soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. The size and shape of the ukulele can impact its playability, sound, and overall feel. Smaller ukuleles like the soprano are great for beginners and those with smaller hands, while the larger tenor and baritone ukuleles offer a fuller sound and more room for finger placement. Consider the size and shape that best suits your playing style and comfort level.

Cutaway Design

The cutaway design on a ukulele allows for easier access to the higher frets, making it ideal for players who enjoy soloing or playing higher notes. If you plan on playing more intricate melodies or solos, a ukulele with a cutaway design would be a great choice. The cutaway not only adds a modern and sleek look to the ukulele but also enhances its playability and versatility.


If you plan on performing with your ukulele or want the option to plug into an amplifier or recording device, consider opting for a ukulele with built-in electronics. These can include pickups and preamps, allowing you to amplify the sound of your ukulele without sacrificing its natural acoustic tone. Look for ukuleles with high-quality electronics and controls that offer versatility and clarity in sound.

Brand Reputation

When shopping for a ukulele with cutaway, it’s important to consider the reputation of the brand. Look for well-established and reputable brands known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Research customer reviews and testimonials to get a sense of the reliability and durability of the ukulele brand you are considering. A reputable brand is more likely to offer a high-quality instrument that will provide years of enjoyment.


Set a realistic budget for your ukulele purchase and stick to it. While it’s tempting to go for the most expensive option, there are plenty of high-quality ukuleles with cutaway designs available at various price points. Consider the features and materials that are most important to you and find a ukulele that fits within your budget without compromising on quality.

Additional Accessories

Consider what additional accessories may be included with your ukulele purchase. Some ukuleles come with a gig bag, strap, tuner, extra strings, and other useful accessories. These can save you money and make it easier to start playing your ukulele right away. Pay attention to what is included with the ukulele and consider the value of these extra accessories when making your decision.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a ukulele with cutaway, it’s important to carefully consider the wood type, size and shape, cutaway design, electronics, brand reputation, budget, and additional accessories. By evaluating each of these factors, you can make an informed purchase decision and find the perfect ukulele for your playing style and needs. Take your time to research and compare options before making your final decision, and don’t hesitate to reach out to knowledgeable musicians or professionals for guidance. Happy strumming!

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Finding the Right Ukulele with Cutaway Review on Amazon

When looking for the right ukulele with a cutaway on Amazon, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure you make the best choice:

  1. Research: Start by researching different types of ukuleles with cutaway designs. Understand the different sizes, materials, and brands available on the market.
  2. Read Reviews: Look for ukuleles with cutaway reviews on Amazon. Pay attention to customer feedback and ratings to gauge the overall quality and performance of the instrument.
  3. Consider Your Skill Level: Determine whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. This will help you narrow down your search to ukuleles that are suitable for your skill level.
  4. Set a Budget: Set a budget for your ukulele purchase. Consider your financial constraints and look for options that fit within your budget range.
  5. Check for Cutaway Design: When browsing ukuleles on Amazon, specifically look for instruments with a cutaway design if that is a feature you desire. The cutaway allows for easier access to the higher frets on the neck of the ukulele.

Common Issues Related to Ukulele with Cutaway Review

When reading ukulele with cutaway reviews on Amazon, you might come across common issues that readers have. Some of these issues could include:

  • Quality Concerns: Some customers might have concerns about the overall build quality or durability of the ukulele with cutaway.
  • Sound and Tone: Others might express opinions about the sound and tone of the instrument, whether it meets their expectations or not.
  • Playability: Some reviewers might mention the playability of the ukulele, including the comfort of the cutaway design and ease of reaching higher frets.

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Is a cutaway ukulele worth it?

Yes, a cutaway ukulele can be worth it for players who frequently play higher frets. The cutaway design allows easier access to these frets, making it more comfortable for players to reach higher notes.

Is a cutaway ukulele harder to play than a regular ukulele?

No, a cutaway ukulele is not harder to play than a regular ukulele. In fact, for many players, the cutaway design makes it easier to reach higher frets and play more complex chords without strain.

Does a cutaway ukulele affect the sound quality?

While some argue that a cutaway ukulele may slightly affect the sound quality compared to a regular ukulele, the difference is minimal and barely noticeable to the average listener. The convenience of the cutaway design often outweighs any potential minor change in sound.

Can I use a regular ukulele case for a cutaway ukulele?

It is not recommended to use a regular ukulele case for a cutaway ukulele. The cutaway design may not fit properly in a regular case, potentially causing damage to the instrument. It’s best to invest in a case specifically designed for a cutaway ukulele to ensure proper protection.

In conclusion, the Ukulele with cutaway is a valuable choice for musicians of all levels. With its unique cutaway design, players have improved access to the upper frets, allowing for a more diverse range of playing styles. This Ukulele offers a rich, resonant tone and is durably constructed for long-lasting enjoyment. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel and playing on the go. Overall, this Ukulele with cutaway is a fantastic option for anyone looking to elevate their musical experience.

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