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Ukulele YouTube channels

Ukulele YouTube channels
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Did you know that the ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete, a small guitar-like instrument? Today, the ukulele has gained worldwide popularity, and YouTube has become a hub for ukulele enthusiasts to learn, share, and connect with others who share their passion for the instrument.

Ukulele YouTube channels have become an invaluable resource for aspiring musicians and seasoned players alike. With the rise of social media and digital technology, these channels have made it easier than ever for individuals to access tutorials, cover songs, and performances featuring the ukulele. As a result, the instrument has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with a growing community of online ukulele enthusiasts.

One of the most engaging elements of ukulele YouTube channels is the sense of community they foster. Many channels feature collaborations, challenges, and interactive content that allow viewers to connect with each other and with their favorite ukulele artists. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Music Trades Magazine, the ukulele was the fastest-growing musical instrument in the United States in 2019, with more and more people turning to YouTube to learn and share their love for the instrument.

In addition to serving as a platform for tutorials and covers, ukulele YouTube channels also offer resources for individuals seeking to connect with the larger ukulele community. Many channels feature interviews with prominent ukulele players, as well as reviews of instruments and accessories, providing valuable information for players of all levels. As a result, the ukulele has become more accessible to a wider audience, thanks in large part to the wealth of content available on YouTube.

What are the best Ukulele YouTube channels for learning and tutorials?

Ukulele YouTube channels are online platforms dedicated to providing instructional videos, tutorials, and tips for learning how to play the ukulele. These channels often feature expert musicians and instructors who share their knowledge and expertise with aspiring ukulele players. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player seeking advanced techniques, ukulele YouTube channels offer a wealth of resources to help you improve your skills and expand your repertoire.

Next, we will explore the top Ukulele YouTube channels and the valuable content they offer for ukulele enthusiasts of all levels.

Top Ukulele YouTube Channels

When it comes to learning how to play the ukulele, YouTube has become a valuable resource for many. There are numerous channels dedicated to providing tutorials, cover songs, and original music for ukulele enthusiasts of all levels. Here are some of the top ukulele YouTube channels that you should check out:

The Ukulele Teacher

The Ukulele Teacher channel, run by John Atkins, is one of the most popular ukulele tutorial channels on YouTube. With over 1.5 million subscribers, Atkins covers a wide variety of songs, from pop hits to classic rock, and provides easy-to-follow tutorials for players of all skill levels.

Cynthia Lin Music

Cynthia Lin’s channel offers a mix of ukulele tutorials, original music, and cover songs. With a focus on fostering a supportive and inclusive community, Lin’s channel has gained over 350,000 subscribers and continues to grow in popularity.


SopranoLemon, also known as Bernadette Teaches Music, offers ukulele tutorials, play-alongs, and music theory lessons. With a friendly and approachable teaching style, her channel has attracted over 170,000 subscribers who are eager to learn and improve their ukulele skills.

Uke Like The Pros

For those looking to take their ukulele playing to the next level, Uke Like The Pros is a valuable resource. Led by instructor Terry Carter, this channel provides in-depth tutorials, live lessons, and gear reviews to help players master the instrument. With over 50,000 subscribers, Uke Like The Pros is a go-to destination for serious ukulele enthusiasts.

The Growing Popularity of Ukulele YouTube Channels

According to a recent study, searches for ukulele tutorials and covers on YouTube have increased by 60% in the past year. As more people turn to online resources for learning and entertainment, ukulele YouTube channels continue to gain traction and attract a growing audience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s a wealth of ukulele content waiting for you to discover on YouTube.

What are some popular Ukulele YouTube channels?

Some popular Ukulele YouTube channels include:

  • The Ukulele Teacher
  • Uke Like The Pros
  • Elise Ecklund
  • Uke Minutes

What types of content can I expect to find on Ukulele YouTube channels?

On Ukulele YouTube channels, you can expect to find tutorials, cover songs, reviews of different ukulele models, music theory lessons, and tips for improving your ukulele playing skills

Are there any Ukulele YouTube channels specifically focused on beginners?

Yes, there are several Ukulele YouTube channels that are dedicated to helping beginners learn how to play the ukulele. Some channels that are great for beginners include The Ukulele Teacher and Cynthia Lin Music.

Can I learn to play the ukulele just by watching YouTube videos?

While YouTube videos can be a great resource for learning to play the ukulele, it’s also beneficial to supplement your learning with in-person lessons or online courses to ensure you’re getting proper guidance and feedback on your playing.

Are there any Ukulele YouTube channels that focus on specific genres of music?

Yes, there are Ukulele YouTube channels that specialize in teaching specific genres of music, such as pop, rock, jazz, and folk. You can find channels that cater to your favorite genres by searching for them on YouTube.

Do Ukulele YouTube channels offer tips for improving my ukulele playing skills?

Yes, many Ukulele YouTube channels offer tips and tricks for improving your ukulele playing skills, such as fingerpicking techniques, strumming patterns, and chord progressions.

Can I request specific songs or tutorials from Ukulele YouTube channels?

Some Ukulele YouTube channels take requests from their viewers for specific songs or tutorials. You can reach out to the channel through their social media platforms or website to make a request.

Are there any Ukulele YouTube channels that offer live workshops or Q&A sessions?

Yes, some Ukulele YouTube channels host live workshops or Q&A sessions where viewers can interact with the channel host, ask questions, and learn new techniques in real-time.

Can I subscribe to Ukulele YouTube channels to support their content?

Yes, if you enjoy the content on a Ukulele YouTube channel, you can show your support by subscribing to their channel, liking their videos, and sharing their content with others who may be interested in learning to play the ukulele.


Overall, Ukulele YouTube channels offer a wealth of resources for ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels. From tutorials and lessons to cover songs and original compositions, these channels provide a diverse range of content to inspire and educate viewers. The sense of community and support within the ukulele community on YouTube is another key aspect, with creators and viewers alike sharing their passion for the instrument and fostering a welcoming environment for all.

In addition, the accessibility of these channels means that aspiring ukulele players can access a wide variety of resources from the comfort of their own homes. With the ability to pause, rewind, and replay lessons as needed, YouTube has become an invaluable platform for learning to play the ukulele. Furthermore, the sheer volume of content available means that there is something for everyone, regardless of their musical tastes or learning style. Whether someone is looking to master a new technique, learn a specific song, or simply enjoy performances from talented ukulele players, there is no shortage of content to explore on Ukulele YouTube channels. Ultimately, these channels have played a significant role in the growing popularity of the ukulele and have helped to create a global community of ukulele enthusiasts.